Accommodation FAQs

Q. What group name should I use when booking the hotel?
A. A majority of the hotels are booked under group name Jalsa Salana.

Q. Should I book multiple rooms at multiple hotels?
A. No, this will prevent other guests from booking hotels in our group block

Q. What time is check-in & check-out?
A. Although every hotel has a different check-in, the usual time is 3pm. You can request an early check-in, however, that decision is up to the hotel. Check-out is typically by 12pm. You should complete check-out prior to attending the Sunday morning Jalsa Salana session.

Q. Will we receive breakfast at the hotel?
A. Many hotels offer a continental breakfast (free). Please ask the front desk if the breakfast is free or you can visit their website and find out if free breakfast is available. Also, please make sure that the food that you consume is not pork.

Q. When should I book my hotel room?
A. It is important that you book your hotel room as soon as possible. The accommodation team is only holding rooms until about 30 days before Jalsa Salana. There are other events going on near Harrisburg and hotels fill up fast.

Q. What if my budget is lower than the rates you have provided?
A. You may be able to find cheaper hotel rooms on your own through websites like,,

Q. What if I cannot afford a hotel room?
A. Arrangements can be made at Hadee Mosque nearby or at another Jamaat member’s home. Please contact Nazim Accommodation for additional information.

Q. Help! I did not book my room in time. what are my options?
A. You should still be able to find reasonably priced hotel rooms through websites like,,

Q. What about accommodations for volunteers?
A. Volunteer accommodation is usually provided until the start of Jalsa Salana. Please consult your Nazim or Naib Afsar in charge.

Q. Will I be able to offer Fajr prayer in congregation at my hotel?
A. We have arranged prayer space for Fajr at some hotels. Location and time information should be available upon check-in.