Accommodation Instructions
  • There are many hotels that the Jamaat has created room blocks and arranged lower rates for jamaat members. A full list of these hotels is on the accommodation page.
  • Please book your hotels in a timely manner. Most of these hotels have cutoff dates approximately 1 month prior to the start of Jalsa Salana. Waiting until the last minute creates unnecessary burden on the accommodation team.

Very Important

  • DO NOT book extra rooms and cancel at the last minute.
  • DO NOT book multiple rooms at multiple hotels.
  • Doing so prevents others from booking hotels close to Jalsa Salana and results in lost revenue for those hotels.
    • For those members that are facing a financial hardship, arrangements can be made at an Ahmadi member's home or at nearby Hadee mosque.
    • If you stay with another Ahmadi or at Hadee mosque, please make sure you clean up after yourself.
    • For additional information please contact Nazim Accommodation (