Jalsa Parking and Drop­Off

Please note the following regarding Jalsa parking:

  • The Jalsa site has open marked parking for every car.
  • Please listen and follow all directions from Jalsa parking & security staff.
  • If you are driving to Jalsa, please proceed directly to the parking lots.
  • Park your cars properly to ensure that the available parking spaces are used efficiently.
  • At the end of the day, please take your family with you back to the parking lot in order to reduce congestion and traffic in and around the Jalsa Gah.

Additional important information regarding Jalsa:

  • Members will not be allowed to bring any luggage into the Farm Show Complex; all luggage must be checked in at the lobby. Tickets will be provided for the luggage and can be picked up anytime from a secure location.
  • Members with handbags, camera cases or anything similar will have them inspected by Jalsa Security so it is recommended to carry as little as possible to avoid congestion. It is also requested that all members comply with the Jalsa Staff to ensure a smooth and successful Jalsa Salana.
  • Certain lanes will be designated as drop­off lanes. Drop­ off will be available for Lajna as well as elderly, disabled or other persons unable to walk from the parking lot.