Transportation FAQs

Q. What days will the transportation team be available?
A. Transportation will begin on Thursday prior to Jalsa and extend till Monday after the Jalsa. Anything outside of this will require an advance notice.

Q. What are the preferred airports?
A. BWI and Harrisburg (MDT) are the airports of choice. Dulles (IAD) and Washington Raegan (DCA) are available by special request and pre-approval only.

Q. How often do shuttles run from airports?
A. Shuttles from MDT will be running continuously but from all other airports, the shuttles will only run as needed. It is absolutely critical that you have submitted a request for transport and have been contacted by a member of our team to confirm receipt.

Q. How late can I submit my travel request?
A. The transportation request portal is available until July 26th. After this all requests must be made via email or phone.

Q. Are there any rental car agreements?
A. The transportation team is working on negotiated rates with rental car companies and will send out information as soon as rates are locked in. Members are encouraged to use this service in lieu of transportation from IAD and DCA. Many times, online sites like Priceline and Hotwire offer very competitive rates.

Q. Is transport provided from nearby mosques?
A. Yes, transport will be provided from Bait-ur-Rahman mosque on Friday with return on Sunday. This service is designed for the elderly and those who are unable to drive themselves to the Jalsa Gah. Transport will also be provided from Hadee Mosque in Harrisburg.

Q. How is hotel transportation going to work?
A. If you are picked up from the airport, you will receive a small business card with contact information to request hotel pickups from. We ask that you call when you are ready and give 20-30 minutes for the driver to come pick you up so please plan your schedule accordingly. Drop-offs will run after the closing session of each day.

Q. I am a volunteer, can I request transportation?
A. Ideally, you should speak to your Nazim to ensure they do not have any prior arrangements. If not, our team can assist as part of our routine pick-ups so long as they are within the normal course of business. Special requests should come from Nazimeen directly.

Q. Will there be transportation for Fajr?
A. Unfortunately, no Fajr transport will be possible given the amount of coverage that would be required. We urge members to carpool where possible.