The 73rd Jalsa Salana will be held from July 14th to July 16th, 2023.


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The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted how we work and attend small and large gatherings. Therefore, to ensure the well-being and health of the Jalsa participants, we will are asking you to adhere to the guidelines put forth if you wish to attend Jalsa this year.

It is mandatory for all volunteers and participants (unless younger than 5 years of age) to be vaccinated against COVID-19 before coming to the Jalsa Gah. You will need to show proof of vaccination against COVID-19 before entering the Jalsa Gah.

According to the CDC, you are considered fully vaccinated:

  • 2 weeks (14 days) after your dose of an accepted single-dose vaccine
  • 2 weeks (14 days) after your second dose of an accepted 2-dose series
  • 2 weeks (14 days) after you received the full series of an accepted COVID-19 vaccine (not placebo) in a clinical trial
  • 2 weeks (14 days) after you received 2 doses of any “mix-and-match” combination of accepted COVID-19 vaccines administered at least 17 days apart

If you do not meet these requirements, then you DO NOT meet the eligibility criteria to attend the Jalsa. If you are eligible for a booster shot, it is highly recommended that you get one especially if you are forty (40) years of age, or younger than 40 years of age but have any medical condition that puts you at high risk of getting sick in case of a COVID-19 infection (Immunocompromised status due to any cause, obesity, pre-existing lung, heart, kidney or liver disease).

The health and safety of our members are essential to us; therefore, we will require that you follow our COVID-19 guidelines during this year’s Jalsa. Please continue to pray for the success of Jalsa. JazakAllah, for your cooperation.

Online registration is required to attend this year’s Jalsa. You can use the registration forms to inform us of:

    • Health Requirements
    • Dietary Restrictions
    • Accommodation Needs
    • Transportation Needs

    AMC USA Card Requirement

    The AMC USA cards are required to attend all events at the Jalsa. Therefore, please bring your AMC USA cards for all family members and safeguard them, as we will not issue temporary cards at the Jalsa Gah. If you or a family member does not have the AMC USA cards, you can get them from the US Tajneed portal.


    The 73rd Jalsa Salana USA will be held from

    July 14th-16th, 2023.


    Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex

    2300 N Cameron St, Harrisburg, PA 17110


    (833) JALSA-US or +1.833.525.7287

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