This event has now ended.

Second Khilafat (1930-1939)


Lecture on the “Life of Muhammad” was arranged in the Kimball Building, 306 South Wabash Avenue. Dr. Martin Sprengling Professor of Semitic Languages and Literature of the University of Chicago, and our missionary Sufi M.R. Bengalee addressed a large gathering. The proceedings of this event were reported in Chicago Daily News and the Chicago Daily Tribune. (The Moslem Sunrise, Vol. III No. 4, December 1930, p. 22)

There were 500 active African American Ahmadis in Pittsburgh in 1930. Dr. Yusuf Khan’s younger brother also served as an honorary missionary in Cincinnati, OH. The Moslem Sunrise issues of 1930s give addresses of both mission: 

  1. Dr. M. Y. Khan, 928 W. 7th St. Cincinnati, OH 
  2. Mr. A. H. Khan, 2040 Rose St, Pittsburgh, PA 

(The Moslem Sunrise, December 1930)

August-September 1930

The activities of US Ahmadiyya mission were mentioned in the Chicago Daily News of 11 and 14 August 1930, the Chicago Defender of 16 August 1930, the Indianapolis Star of 11 September 1930, the Indianapolis Recorder of 19 September 1930, the Saint Louis Star of 27 September 1930 and the East St. Louis Journal of 26 September 1930. (The Ahmadiyya Gazette USA, Vol. 72, April-September 2020, p. 56)


Many lecture trips to various cities of the USA, such as Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Indianapolis, Indiana; St. Louis, Missouri; Grand Rapids, Michigan; Dowagiac, Michigan; Detroit, Michigan; Gary, Indiana were arranged by missionary in-charge Sufi M.R. Bengalee. (The Moslem Sunrise, April-July 1931, Vol. IV No. 1, p. 17)

First Quarter 1931

Missionary Sufi M.R. Bengalee wrote two scholarly discourses on “The Tomb of Jesus Christ'' and “The Life of Muhammad in Mecca.” Most of the references in the article are from books of the Promised Messiah. (The Moslem Sunrise, Vol. IV, No. 1, pp. 30-36)

8 November 1931

The life of the Prophet Muhammad was celebrated at Detroit, Grand Rapids Michigan, Indianapolis, Indiana; Kansas City, Missouri; St. Louis, Missouri; East St. Louis, Illinois; Cincinnati, Ohio; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Washington, Pennsylvania with great enthusiasm and was duly reported in the press. As usual the mission from their well-wishers and Ahmadi brethren and sisters received many comments and appreciations. Mr. Bengalee this time wrote an article on the life of Muhammad at Medina. (The Moslem Sunrise, April-July 1932, Vol. IV, No. 1, p. 26)

17 February 1932
Springfield Union Reports

The Springfield Union, Springfield, Massachusetts reported: Dr. Bengalee arrives in the city, fixed in purpose of spreading Islam faith. He added that Moslems believe in Jesus Christ and Prophets such as Moses, Abraham, Buddha and Confucius but did not deify them. (The Springfield Union Springfield, Massachusetts February 17, 1932)

20 February 1932

The activities of the US mission for the first quarter were reported in Friends Intelligencer, Philadelphia, PA. (The Moslem Sunrise, April-July 1932, Vol. IV, No. 3, p. 17)

February to June 1932
Leading Newspapers Report Activities

The activities of Ahmadiyya mission were reported in US leading newspapers:

    Similarly, the Morning Call Allentown, Pennsylvania of 28 February 1932, the Independent Spiritualist Association Church Bulletin, Grand Rapids, Michigan of May 1932, the Detroit News, Detroit, Michigan of 15 June 1932, the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Cleveland, Ohio of 23 June 1932 and the Cleveland Press, Cleveland, Ohio of 23 June 1932, “Dharma” Journal of all world Gandhi fellowship, New York of January-June 1932, wrote similar views about Ahmadiyya Mission.

4 June 1932

Sheikh Muhammad Yousaf Khan, an honorary missionary of the US returned to Pittsburgh, USA. He delivered lectures every night since his arrival to Pittsburgh. He toured Cincinnati and Washington chapters. The chapters were progressing nicely. (Al-Fazl, 30 August 1932, p. 7)

25 June 1932
Abington Friends

Sufi M.R. Bengalee spoke in ‘Abington Friends’ Meeting. The Cleveland Plain Dealer Cleveland, Ohio gave this heading in its publication of June 25, 1932. “Seeks converts to Islam here. Mohammedan missionary also wishes to correct wrong ideas on religion.”

4th Quarter 1932

Sufi M.R. Bengalee established missions at Indianapolis, Dayton, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Youngstown, St. Louis and Kansas City during his tenure. (The Ahmadiyya Gazette USA, Vol. 69, Nos. 11-12, November-December 2017, p. 46 and American Ahmadiyya Centennial Souvenir 1889-1989, p. 53)

16 December 1932

Dr. M.R. Bengalee delivered lectures to students and teachers of Austin, which was reported in Austin Times of 16 December 1932. The progressive Thinker reported “Path of Peace” in his publication of 21 November 1932; “The overcoming of religious and race prejudices.” Kalamazoo Gazette of Saturday, April 8, 1933, made headline “Sufi Bengalee in city to form Moslem Chapter.” The magazine mentioned about Ahmadiyya Movement and their goals. (The Moslem Sunrise, April-July 1933, Vol. VI No. 3-4, p. 37)

2 March 1933

Congratulatory Letter was sent to Franklin D. Roosevelt (32nd US President from 4 March 1933 to 12 April 1945). The missionary in-charge received a reply from the office of the president. (The Moslem Sunrise, April-July 1933, Vol. 6, No. 3-4, p. 36)


The Eighteenth Amendment to the US Constitution was repealed in 1933. It had prohibited the manufacture, sale, and transportation of liquor.

Dr. Muhammad Yusuf Khan, an honorary Ahmadiyya missionary of the USA, appointed Sister Aliyyah Muhammad as first President of the women’s “Sewing Circle.” (From Nycemah Yaqub-African American Journey to Islam)

29 August 1933

During the first visit of (29 August to 7 September) Chaudhri Muhammad Zafrulla Khan to Chicago, IL, he addressed three public meetings. He delivered two speeches at the Chicago Ahmadiyya Mission. He also inspected Ahmadiyya Mission Chicago and gave valuable suggestions. (Tarikh Ahmadiyyat, Vol. 6, pp. 119-20)

August-September 1933

The World Fellowship of Faith was held in Chicago and New York in August-September 1933, 199 representatives of all faiths, races and countries, delivered 242 addresses at 83 sessions, seeking a solution for the world's problems.

Sufi M.R. Bengalee read a message of Hazrat Khalifatul-Masih II (may Allah be pleased with him). Chaudhri Muhammad Zafrulla Khan made a profound impression by his modest but masterly address “Islam Promoting World Unity, Peace and Progress” on 1 September 1933. Sufi Bengali’s thoughtful, informative address on “Islam the Solution of World Problems,” was an effective contribution to the evening session, on 14 September 1933. (The Moslem Sunrise, November 1933, Vol. 6, No. 3-4, pp. 43-44)

3 December 1933

Minneapolis Journal of 3 December 1933, wrote: “Islam envoy visits city—missionary from India, seeking converts and explaining his religion.” (The Ahmadiyya Gazette USA, Vol. 72, April-September 2020, p. 56)

1 September 1934
Chicago Defender

The Chicago Defender of 1 September 1934 made a headline as “Open new Moslem Mosque in city.”

8 September 1934
Chicago Home News

The Chicago Home News wrote in the issue of 8 September 1934, “Moslems who open mosques here explain the principles.”


In 1935, upon return of Sufi M.R. Bengalee from India, he announced in his first speech at Jalsa Salana (Annual Convention) that American Ahmadi Muslim women would henceforth call their Sewing Circles, Lajna Ima’illah, a name that was used internationally. This was of special significance for American sisters because it implied a Society of the Maidservants of God honoring its pledge. (The Ahmadiyya Gazette, USA, Vol. 72, Nos. 10-12 and Vol. 73, Nos. 1-9, October 2020-September 2021, pp. 183-4)

10 December 1936

Sufi M.R. Bengalee returned to Chicago with his wife and daughter after making an extended trip around the world. After ‘Id prayers, he delivered a sermon on the “Philosophy of Fasting in Islam.” (The Moslem Sunrise, August 1937, Vol. IX, No. 1, p. 17)

17 June 1937

Professor John Clarke Orchard of Department of Religious Studies, Yale University, USA arrived in Qadian and conversed with Hazrat Mirza Bashir-ud-Din Mahmud Ahmad, Khalifatul-Masih II on issues relating to Islam. (Tarikh Ahmadiyyat, Vol. 7, p. 437)

31 October 1937

The American branch of the Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam observed “The Prophet Muhammad Day” at Pittsburg, Cleveland, Indianapolis, Kansas City and Chicago centers. (The Moslem Sunrise, February 1938, Vol. X, No. 1, p. 19)

15 November 1937

Hazrat Khalifatul-Masih II (may Allah be pleased with him) said when a missionary was not allowed to enter the USA: We are experiencing many obstacles. A new experience has happened. The American government did not allow entry to our missionary Muhammad Ibrahim Nasir. The plea was that he had faith in polygamy. (Friday Sermon of Hazrat Khalifatul-Masih II dated 15 November 1937, published in Al-Fazl, 18 November 1937, pp. 5-6, Tarikh-e-Ahmadiyyat by Dost Muhammad, Vol. 7, p. 82)

Lajna Ima’illah in Other Cities

By 1937, Lajna Ima’illah was established in five cities, Chicago, Indianapolis, Cleveland, Pittsburgh and Kansas City. (Tarikh Lajna Ima’illah, Vol. 4, p. 562)

March 1939

Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya (Youth members of the Ahmadiyya community aged 15 to 40 years) USA was officially formed in March 1939 at Chicago. (Al-Fazl, 29 July 1939)

1 September 1939
World War II

World War II started. The main combatants were the Axis powers (Germany, Italy and Japan) and the Allies (France, Great Britain, the US, the Soviet Union and China).