This event has now ended.

Second Khilafat (1940-1949)

2 April 1940

Mr. Wellbus Kirkland of Chicago, a representative of a well-known newspaper, “Life” of New York, arrived in Qadian and conversed with Hazrat Mirza Bashir-ud-Din Mahmud Ahmad, Khalifatul-Masih II (may Allah be pleased with him). (Tarikh Ahmadiyyat, Vol. 8, p. 201)

7 December 1941
Japan Attacks Pearl Harbor

Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, a U.S. Naval base in Hawaii. The U.S. was no longer neutral, and it declared war on the Axis Powers (Germany, Japan, Italy). 

The U.S. entering World War II ended the Great Depression because the war created many jobs. 

While some of the battles the U.S. fought in were air and naval battles with Japan, the U.S. mainly fought in Europe and Africa. The U.S. opened several fronts, including in North Africa and Italy. The U.S. airplanes bombed Germany, blowing up German factories in many cities. (Wikipedia)

6 June 1944
Courtesy of The National WWII Museum.

American and British forces invaded Normandy. A year later, the Allies had freed France and taken Berlin.

(Image Courtesy of The National WWII Museum.)

12 April 1945
Harry S. Truman

Franklin D. Roosevelt died on 12 April 1945, and Harry S. Truman became president of the US from 12 April 1945 to 20 January 1953.

6 August 1945
Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima

The US dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima, a city in Japan. (Wikipedia)

The US dropped another atomic bomb. This time in Nagasaki, another city of Japan, forcing unconditional surrender.

2 September 1945
End of World War II

World War II ended.  An estimated total of 70-85 million people died.


Dr. Khalil Ahmad Nasir (missionary in the US 1946-1959) arrived in the US in 1946. He served as an assistant to Sufi M. R. Bengalee until 1948 and then succeeded him as missionary in-charge. 

Dr. Khalil Ahmad Nasir started Annual Conventions, initiated the elections of the National Executives and National Auxiliaries, published new books and launched the Ahmadiyya Gazette. (50th Jalsa Salana Souvenir Ahmadiyya Community, USA, June 1998, p. 57)

The annual subscription of the US Jama'at reached $40,000. (Al-Fazl, 17 April 1946)

August 1946
Mirza Monawar Ahmad

Mirza Monawar Ahmad, son of Mirza Shafi Ahmad, posted as missionary in Pittsburgh PA. He made Pittsburgh his HQ: 2432 Center Ave, PA. Due to his efforts, this region was declared as one of the top positions in USA Jama‘at. (The Moslem Sunrise, 1946 Issue 3, p. 23)

End of 1946
St. Louis Chapter Established

Sufi M.R. Bengalee established the St. Louis chapter. (Al-Fazl, 14 February 1947)

February 1947
Other Chapters Established

Sufi M.R. Bengalee established chapters; Baltimore (President Abdul-Karim), Dayton, Indianapolis, PA (Al-Fazl, 24 February 1947)

March-April 1947
New Jersey Chapter Established

Sufi M.R. Bengalee established the New Jersey chapter. (Al-Fazl, 11 April 1947)

June 1947
New York Chapter Established

Sufi M.R. Bengalee established New York chapter (Al-Fazl, 18 June 1947)

June 1947
Ghulam Yasin Khan Assumes Charge

Ghulam Yasin Khan assumed charge as a US missionary in June 1947 (Al-Fazl, 26 June 1947) and remained in the US till 9/3/1963. (New York Souvenir 1989, p. 16)

September 1947
Missionary Shukar Ilahi Husain

Shukar Ilahi Husain assumes the responsibilities of a missionary in the US. He served US Jama'at from September 1947 to 1960 and then again from 1964 to 1973 as a missionary.

August 1947
Boston Chapter Established

Dr. M.R. Bengalee established the Boston chapter. (Al-Fazl, 13 August 1947).


Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya was established in Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Kansas City, Dayton and Baltimore in 1947. (Al-Fazl, 15 August 1948).

11 January 1948

Missionaries Sufi Mutiur Rahman Bengalee and Khalil Ahmad Nasir delivered speeches in a local Arabs meeting. (Al-Fazl, 11 April 1948, p. 5)

February 1948

M.R. Bengali left for Pakistan in February 1948 after devoting 19 years of his life to the cause of Islam in the USA. (The Muslim Sunrise, 1948, Qtr. 1, Vol. XX, No. 1, p. 13)

20, 25 and 29 February 1948

A women's club in Chicago invited Missionary Khalil Ahmad Nasir to deliver a lecture on Islam. He answered questions from the audience for one hour.

Missionary Khalil Ahmad Nasir delivered a speech on “Islamic viewpoint on Palestine issue”.  A local newspaper mentioned this in one column report. A detailed summary was also published later. About one hundred members of the Rotary Club participated.

B & B Club and Tuxes Club in Evanston jointly held a meeting and invited missionary Khalil Ahmad Nasir to talk on 29 February 1948. (Al-Fazl, 11 April 1948, p. 5)

18 March 1948

Mr. Khalil Ahmad Nasir, missionary to the US, successfully conducted a debate with the Jews on Palestinian issue which was arranged by  South Chicago Community Forum. The debate was announced through many newspapers and posters. The meeting hall was packed to capacity. Two local newspapers published the proceedings. The cause of the Arabs was highlighted by Mr. Khalil Ahmad Nasir. He received constructive feedback though a letter from the secretary of the Jew association. (Al-Fazl, 11 April 1948, p. 5)

18 March 1948

The Boston chapter was established by missionary Khalil Ahmad Nasir. A small new chapter in Jersey City was established by missionaries Khalil Ahmad Nasir and Mirza Monawar Ahmad. (Al-Fazl, 11 April 1948, p. 5).

5 September 1948

First Annual Convention of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community of the United States of America was held in Dayton, Ohio on 5 September 1948. The tents used for the convention were made by Ahmadi sisters. Notable Jama'ats which participated are: Chicago, Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, Cleveland, Youngstown, Du Quoin, Homestead, New York and Kansas. Ninety participated in the convention. (Al-Fazl, 24-25 September 1948, p. 6)

15 September 1948

Mirza Monawar Ahmad, missionary Pittsburgh PA, had a tumor and was operated on in a local hospital. He could not survive. He expired on 15 September 1948. Khalifatul-Masih II (may Allah be pleased with him) mentioned about his qualities in his Friday sermon of 24 September 1948. (Al-Fazl, October 6, 1948, p. 6, “Shuhada-e-Ahmadiyyat, Aaghaz Ta 'Ahd-e-Khilafat-4,'' p. 89, Compilation of Ahmadi martyrs from Friday Sermons of Khulafa II, III and IV under the auspices of hundred years jubilee of Ahmadiyya Khilafat (1908-2008).


The Ahmadiyya mosque in the Nation’s Capital was established which was named the American Fazl Mosque by Hazrat Muslih Mau‘ud (may Allah be pleased with him). It served as the national headquarters of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community until 1994. (The Ahmadiyya Gazette, USA, Vol. 72, Nos. 10-12 and Vol. 73, Nos. 1-9, October 2020-September 2021, p. 74)

August 1949

Hazrat Khalifatul-Masih II (may Allah be pleased with him) instructed missionary Chaudhri Khalil Ahmad Nasir in August 1949 to buy a house for the Ahmadiyya Mission in Washington. 

A three-story building was procured for $42,000 for the mosque and Washington Mission. Another $3000 was spent on its repair. (Al-Fazl, 24 June 1950, p. 5)

9 September 1949

Abdul Qadir Zaighum reached the USA and took charge of the Pittsburgh chapter on 2 October 1949. (Al-Fazl, 30 March 1950, p. 3)

He remained the regional missionary in the USA till 1955 and then again from 1958 to 1965. (Al-Fazl, October 6, 1950, p. 2).

17-18 September 1949

Missionary Abdul Qadir Zaighum participated in the annual conference on the instructions of Hazrat Khalifatul-Masih II. (Tarikh Ahmadiyyat, Vol. 13, p. 108). 

Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam, USA, held two-day second Annual Convention in Pittsburgh on 17-18 September 1949. It was inaugurated by Dr. Khalil Ahmad Nasir. At his request, Khalifatul-Masih II (may Allah be pleased with him) sent a message. He directed the Jama'at USA to adopt the message of the Promised Messiah (peace be on him) about Al-Wasiyyat.

Chaudhri Muhammad Zafrulla Khan attended the convention and delivered two speeches. Two hundred attended the convention. (Review of Religions, January 1956, pp. 8-12, Al-Fazl, 6 October 1950, p. 2)

A new Department, the Co-operative Committee was created at the second annual convention. The principal object was to institute ways and means of helping our sisters and brothers to work in unity and to co-operate with one another to better their social, financial and spiritual conditions. (Tarikh Ahmadiyyat, Vol. 14, p. 43, The Ahmadiyya Gazette USA, June 1950, Vol. 1, No. 4, p. 13)


Amatul Hafiz Nasir (wife of Dr Khalil Nasir) had been the first National Sadr Lajna, appointed in 1949 by the Missionary-in-Charge. Amatul Hafiz Nasir worked tirelessly for Lajna members in the first Majalis (chapters) in the USA including Dayton, Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, Chicago, New York and St. Louis (USA Khilafat Centenary Souvenir 2008). 

Lajna USA established contact with the Center, Rabwah. In the beginning Lajna started a few page magazine “Lajna News.” Later Lajna also started publishing regularly a magazine named “Ayesha.” (Tarikh Lajna Ima’illah, Vol. 4, p. 562)